AMO Summer School

A summer school will be held at the University of Innsbruck the week preceding the ICAP2006 conference, July 9th to July 14th, 2006.

Lectures at the summer school will be at the level of advanced graduate courses in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. The target audience is Ph.D. students or postdocs starting research in AMO physics.


  • Friday after Roy Glauber's talk: Labtours. Meet in front of lecture hall A.
  • If you are interested in renting a bike: Ask Clarice or Helena at the registration desk.



  • Check-In starts on Sunday, July 9 at 16:00 in the hall front of lecture hall A in the Victor-Franz Hess Haus (“Technik”), Technikerstrasse 25, on the Technik-Campus of the University of Innsbruck (see areal plan). Enter the building on the Southern side.
  • The summer school starts on Sunday, July 9, with an informal reception at 18:00 in and in front of lecture hall A. Everybody is invited to watch the Soccer World Cup final starting at 20:00 with us. Bring along fan accessories and the flag of your favorite country if you wish.
  • The official welcome will be on Monday, July 10, at 8:45 in lecture hall A.
  • Lectures are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:30 in lecture hall A. The final schedule can be found here.
  • There will be access to computers and to a wireless LAN (WLAN) at the school.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, starting at 16:00, there will be a hike (weather permitting) with the subsequent school dinner at the popular Buzihütte in upper Innsbruck starting at about 19:00. Please bring along a raincoat just in case.
  • Participants housed in the Tirolerheim (address see below) need to bring their own toilet accessories such as towel, soap etc. No breakfast is served there.
  • Participants housed at the Kolpinghaus wishing to extend their stay for a few days after ICAP (i.e. after 21st of July) can arrange such an extension upon check-in at the Kolpinghaus. The price is roughly Euro 25,-- per night.
  • The Innsbruck bus schedule can be found here (in German only).
  • The emergency telephone number in case of serious trouble and/or delay in arrival is (within Austria): 0650 690 1678. From outside Austria one has to dial ++43 650 690 1678. Please only use if really needed.
  • Have a good and save trip to Innsbruck!


  • Laser cooling and trapping
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and degenerate Fermi gases
  • Precision spectroscopy and ultrashort laser pulses
  • Quantum information
  • Cavity quantum electrodynamics
  • Ultracold molecules and collisions

Lecturers will include Ignacio Cirac, Jean Dalibard, Hans Peter Helm, Paul Julienne, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Jeff Kimble.

The summer school is an ideal preparation for the high level lectures at the conference on the current frontiers of AMO physics. Participants of the summer school are required to also register for the ICAP conference.



ICAP 2006 conference + summer school:

  • For registration before April 1st: 330 Euros
  • For registration before June 15th: 400 Euros
  • Registration after June 15th is not possible

School Materials

Jeff Kimble

  1. Glauber-article for Jeff Kimble's course

  2. Kimble lecture notes July 10th

  3. Kimble lecture notes July 11th

  4. Kimble lecture notes July 12th

  5. Kimble Problems Lectures I and II

  6. Kimble: Papers, Non-classical

  7. Kimble: Papers, QMeasurement

Wolfgang Ketterle

  1. Ketterle lecture notes July 10th

  2. Ketterle lecture notes July 13th

Hanspeter Helm

  1. Helm lecture notes July 10th

  2. Helm lecture notes July 11th

Jean Dalibard

  1. Dalibard lecture notes

Paul Julienne

  1. Julienne lecture notes July 12th

  2. Julienne lecture notes July 13th




Accommodation at a hostel near the university (Kolpinghaus, Viktor Franz Hess Strasse 7, Innsbruck) will be available at a reduced price for the time of the school and the conference. Other (more expensive) accommodation can be booked through the ICAP2006 website upon registration.

  • Shared double room in Kolpinghaus, 12 nights (July 9th through July 21st): 280 Euros

A few people are booked at the Tirolerheim. The address is

Technikerstraße 7
6020 Innsbruck
Tel. 0699 181 288 40 (within Austria)

How to apply


Local Organizers

  • Johannes Hecker Denschlag
  • Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
  • Helmut Ritsch

Please address further questions regarding the summer school to:


The summer school is sponsored by the SFB-Quantenoptik in Innsbruck

and the Center for Ultracold Atoms at MIT and Harvard.


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