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Social program for accompanying persons

Innsbruck and its surroundings provide a broad variety of cultural attractions for family members and friends attending the Conference. This program will offer you interesting inimitable guided tours of the city including all worthwhile attractions.
On Monday (July 17th) we will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the lobby of the “Congress Haus”, the conference center, for a welcoming tea or coffee. We will inform you about of the upcoming events and afterwards you can join the tour to the ancient castle “Schloss Ambras”. 
Schloss Ambras
A sightseeing bus will take us past the famous ski jump “Berg Isel” and the triumphal arches.At the castle you can visit the splendid apartments of the archduke Ferdinand II and his wife. Audio guides will be available in German, English and Italian. Afterwards you can enjoy lunch at the idyllic restaurant in the park of the castle.

On Tuesday (July 18th) we will meet at 10:00 a.m. in the lobby, where a tour guide will pick us up for an exclusive costume tour of the ancient Innsbruck.
Costumes We recommend you to seize this opportunity as it is a unique chance for companions only.Actors (picture) will tell us of the prosperous life at Innsbruck’s court 400 years ago. Afterwards we will have lunch at a Café in the old city beneath the famous golden roof.
 In the afternoon, for enthusiastic cooks we will offer a small cookery course for typical Tyrolean dumplings. (Only a limited number of participants are possible. Early notification is required.)

Wednesday (July 19th) will be free to accompany the excursions with all conference members.

On Thursday (July 20th) we will meet once more at 10:00 a.m. in the lobby of the conference center. We will walk a few minutes to the bus stop and from there we will take the bus to the small village “Hall in Tirol”. There we will enjoy an interesting tour of the city and the birthplace of the Thaler (the Dollar), the “Münzerturm” (picture).Afterwards there will be enough time to visit the little shops with traditional Austrian souvenirs. Lunch will likely take place in a nice restaurant at the village square. Hall
The charge for each day is 10€ (including bus tickets and entrance prices). An advance notification for each activity is required!

For the preparation of this program, please let us know at your earliest convenience if and in which activity you want to participate. For this, simply send an e-mail message to either or to with the subject “ICAP2006-companion program”. We would be glad to see you in Innsbruck this summer.

Concert (July 18, 20:00)

“Musikkapelle Inzing” is a Tyrolean Concert Band with 60 musicians, the youngest being 12 and the oldest being 70 years old, with an average age of only 27 years. The repertoire ranges from all kinds of classical music, transcribed for wind and concert orchestras, to modern music composed originally for symphonic wind band. The musical director, Florian Pranger, studied the Clarinet and Conducting at the Tyrolean Conservatory and has
worked with the orchestra since 2001. The concert will take place in the lecture hall on Tuesday, July 18th from 20:00 to 21:30.

Excursions (July 19, time and meeting places see below)

Wednesday afternoon will offer opportunities to discover Innsbruck and its surroundings. Five different activities are proposed of which you can choose one. Those excursions will also be open to persons accompanying conference participants. In case of heavy rain the outdoor activities will be replaced by an alternative indoors activity within Innsbruck.

1) Old Innsbruck
We meet at 13:45 in front of entrance "B" of the congress building (the entrance towards the park "Hofgarten''). A guided walking tour will take us first back to the middle ages and then make us discover the modern aspects of this charming city. Our guide will show us Innsbruck's picturesque old city and give us an insight into life during the Middle Ages: bathing establishments, trades and crafts, guilds and hangmen - we will hear tales of every-day life, about townsmen, peasants, paupers - how they lived and how they mastered their lives.

Please bring your ticket which will be collected at the beginning of the tour!

€ 30 per person

2) Swarovski Crystal Worlds
We meet at 13:45 in front of the entrance "A" of the
congress building (the entrance towards the river with the big ICAP06 banner hanging over it). Find the bus with the sign "Crystal Worlds'' behind the windshield. Departure is at 14:00. A bus takes us through a number of typical Tyrolean villages, where the Swarovski Crystal Worlds opened their doors to the public in October 1995. Through the huge water-spouting head of a botanic giant the visitor enters the mostly subterranean, unique magic World of Crystal (idea and artistic supervision by André Heller, the famous Austrian performance artist). You have to experience yourself what is hard to describe: a view of the surreal landscape of a glittering galaxy, the inside of a gigantic crystal dome with changing patterns of light and sound, bizarre scenarios - a world of magic. For details please refer to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds website.

Price includes coaching, tour guide, entrance fees Swarovski Crystal Worlds

€ 35 per person

3) Rafting
We meet at 13:20 in front of the entrance "A" of the congress building (the entrance towards the river with the big ICAP06 banner hanging over it). Find the bus with the sign "Rafting'' behind the windshield. Departure is at 13:30. We take a bus to Silz, home of "Crazy Eddy''. After receiving our Equipment, we continue to the Imst canyon. Six or ten people per raft will ride the white water river under the instructions of an experienced guide. The Imst canyon is a nice place to experience your first rafting trip, with some white water stretches but not going too rough. After about an hour and a half, we get off our rafts close to where we started from, "Crazy Eddy''. We change our clothes and might want to take a hot shower, before we enjoy an opulent BBQ (with beef, rips and grilled sausages, potato wedges, bread and salad). Two drinks per delegate are included!
Please do not forget to bring warm clothes for the BBQ afterwards; it might get cold in the evening even if it was hot (hopefully) during the day! The tour will last until approx. 19:30.

Please bring your ticket which will be collected before departure!

SAFETY is of major importance to us. Certified and experienced rafting guides will accompany you on your thrilling experience!

Price includes Bus ride Innsbruck – Haiming round trip, Rafting Tour, equipment, professional guidance, BBQ on campfire, 2 drinks/p.

€ 85 per person

4) Hike: Stubaitalbahn and Telfer Wiesen
We meet at 13:15 in front of entrance "B" of the congress building (the entrance towards the park "Hofgarten''). Find the students holding up the "Excursion 4: Stubaital'' sign and give them your excursion ticket. At 13:30 we start a 5 minute walk to the tramway station
"Museumsstrasse''. At 13:41 the Stubaitalbahn (abbreviated "STB'' on the tramway stations signs and the tramway itself) picks us up in the direction "Hauptbahnhof''. From there it departs at 13:50 for a 45 minute tramway ride through nice landscapes far out of the city boundaries into the Stubai valley to the station "Telfer Wiesen''. (For those who miss the departure
slightly: you can get onto the same tramway at 13:53 at the station in front of Anichstrasse 2a. The next tramway after this departs at 14:43). At the Telfer Wiesen we'll spend one and a half hours with an enjoyable and easy walk through a beautiful landscape of forests and meadows. We catch the return tramway at the
"Telfer Wiesen'' station (opposite side than before) at 17:06. (Other possible return tramway times are: 15:26, 16:16, 17:56, 18:10, 18:45 and 19:39.) We are back at the Innsbruck Anichstrasse at 17:52 from where you can either leave the group or walk back with us to the congress building. This excursion is open to everybody and costs 6 Euro per person (for the two tramway rides). You can still register during the conference. At the time of print (one month before the conference) about 50 participants registered. The tramway has 60 seats and 40 people can stand in addition.

Please bring your ticket which will be collected before departure!
Stubaitalbahn and Telfer Wiesen

€ 6 per person

5) Hike: Patscherkofel and Zirbenweg
We meet at 13:10 in front of the entrance "A"} of the
congress building (the entrance towards the river with the big ICAP06 banner hanging over it). Please bring sunscreen, a warm jacket, good shoes and your excursion ticket. Find the students holding up the
"Excursion 5: Patscherkofel" sign and hand them your excursion ticket. At 13:25 we start a 5 minute walk up the river side to the bus station at the Marktplatz. At 13:36 the city bus "J" picks us up for a 20-minute ride to the Patscherkofel cable car. A cable car can transport 40 people up the mountain within 15 minutes and they run every 6 to 10 minutes. From the top station we walk on the Zirbenweg, an enjoyable botanical walk through an age old forest of Swiss stone pines with fascinating views of the Innsbruck valley. Alternatively you can visit the alpine botanical garden which is maintained by the university of Innsbruck and contains over 400 species. The hike or visit will take about 1.5 hours after which we catch one of the last cable car rides of the day to the bottom station. Please assemble again at the top station at 16:10.  The very last cable car has its departure at 16:30! Of course you can also choose to walk down the mountain, which takes about 2.5 hours. Please indicate your
intent to do so to our guides so they don't need to search for you. We will use the next
"J" bus to the city center. They depart from the Patscherkofel station 15 minutes and 45 minutes after every full hour. Participants using the last cable car should be in the city center at about 17:45. This excursion is open to everybody and costs 13 Euro per person (for the bus and cable car rides). You can still register during the conference. At the time of print (one month before the conference) about 50 participants registered.

Please bring your ticket which will be collected before departure!

    Patscherkofel Fotos (courtesy Christian Roos)   
    Patscherkofel cable car

€ 13 per person

Individual afternoon program
Alternative non-organized activities for the afternoon include visit of the city of Innsbruck or of the alpine zoological garden, rental of mountain bikes...

Feel free to ask the front-desk for additional recommendations during the conference.

Conference dinner (July 20, 19:30)

The ICAP 2006 conference dinner will take place Thurday, July 20 in the grand Dogana, which once served as a medieval ball room and is now integrated into the congress compound. The participant fee of 30€ includes an exquisite seven-course menu  including a selection of wines and locally produced Schnaps, as well as high-class live music entertainment.
We highly recommend taking part in this gala event!
For those of you who have not registered yet, there is still an opportunity to do so at check-in.

Lab tours(July 21, 14:00)

On Friday, July 21st starting from 14:00, there will be the possibility to visit the Institute of Experimental Physics (laboratories of the Grimm– and Blatt–group). Please take bus–line “O” in the westward direction (direction “Allerheiligen”,“Peerhofsiedlung” or “TechnikWest”, buses leave every five minutes.). The bus stop closest to the conference location is marked as a circled “B” in Fig. 1 (bus stop “Maria–Theresienstraße”). Please exit the bus at the bus stop “Technik”. The laboratory tours will start at the ground floor of the building labelled with an “A” in Fig. 2 (Technikerstraße 25, this is the eight story building with a small observatory on top of it).


Figure 1: Map of Innsbruck around the conference location. “A” marks the conference location, “B” the bus stop from where you reach the laboratory tours.


Figure 2: Map of the area around the physics laboratories at Technikerstraße. The lab tours will start at the ground floor of the right building labelled with an “A”. The bus stop is denoted by the letter “B”. The letter “C” indicates the
Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information.

 Rainer Blatt
 Rudolf Grimm
 Peter Zoller

Institute for Experimental Physics
 Institute for Theoretical Physics,
 University of Innsbruck,
 Institute for Quantum Optics and 
 Quantum Information, 
 Academy of Sciences, Innsbruck

ICAP Organizers
Email: icap06@uibk.ac.at

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