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"Atomic Physics with Trapped Ions"

ICAP Satellite meeting, July 23 - 24, 2006



P1.      The 171Yb+ single-ion optical frequency standard: ion traps and servo systems
E. Peik, T. Schneider, Chr. Tamm

P2.    Diagnosis of ion trap quantum gates using process tomography
M. Riebe, K. Kim, C. F. Roos, W. Hänsel, H. Häffner, R. Blatt

P3.      Monolithic ion-traps micro-fabricated from planar silica-on-silicon technology
M. Brownnutt, G. Wilpers, P. Gill, R. C. Thompson, A. G. Sinclair

P4.      Theory of Parity Non-conservation in Trapped Ions
B.P. Das

P5.      Laser spectroscopy of hyperfine structure in highly-charged ions: a test of QED at high fields
D.F.A. Winters, M. Vogel, J. Krämer, W. Nörtershäuser, D.M. Segal, R.C. Thompson, and the HITRAP-RETRAP Collaboration

P6.      Ba+ vs. Cs: prospects for parity non-conservation studies
M.S. Safronova, E. Iskrenova-Tchoukova

P7.      Trapped ion chain as a neural network
V. Ahufinger, M. Pons, C. Wunderlich, A. Sanpera, M. Lewenstein

P8.      Micro-chip ion traps for scalable ion quantum processing
W.K. Hensinger, D. Stick, S. Olmschenk, J. Sterk, M.J. Madsen, K. Schwab, C. Monroe

P9.      Experimental investigation of surface electrode ion traps
R. J. Clark, P. Antohi, W. S. Bakr, C. R. Bieber, K. R. Brown, Y. Ge, J. Labaziewicz, D. R. Leibrandt, T. Lin, C. R. Pearson, P. Richerme, I. L. Chuang

P10.    Precision mass spectrometry with one and two ions in a Penning trap
M. Redshaw, J. McDaniel, E. Wingfield, W. Shi, E.G. Myers

P11.    Sympathetic cooling of fullerene ions by laser-cooled Mg+ ions in a linear rf trap
V.L. Ryjkov, X.Z. Zhao, H. Schuessler

P12.     Driven harmonic oscillator as a quantum simulator for open systems
J. Piilo and S. Maniscalco

P13.    New technical developments for high-accuracy mass measurements in Penning traps
J. Ketelaer, D. Neidherr, K. Blaum, R. Ferrer, S. Stahl, C. Weber, and the SHIPTRAP collaboration

P14.    Extending the Capabilities of the UW-PTMS
D.B. Pinegar, S.L. Zafonte, R.S. Van Dyck, Jr.

P15.    Operation of a planar Penning trap
F. Galve, P. Fernández, G. Werth

P16.    Confinement of electrons in a Penning-Joffe trap
C. Angelescu, G. Werth

P17.    A Test of Quantum Electrodynamics at High Fields
D.F.A. Winters, M. Vogel, R Castrejon-Pita, D.M. Segal, R.C. Thompson

P18.    Novel Penning Ion Trap Designs
R Castrejon-Pita, H. Ohadi, D. Crick, D.F.A. Winters, R.C. Thompson, D.M. Segal

P19.    A Quantum Memory Qubit in 43Ca+
D.J. Szwer, J.P. Home, G. Imreh, B.C. Keitch, M.J. McDonnell, N.R. Thomas, D.N. Stacey, D.M. Lucas, A.M. Steane

P20.    Experimental investigation of 43Ca+ as a new qubit candidate
J. Benhelm, G. Kirchmair, T. Koerber, C. Roos, R. Blatt

P21.      Designer atoms for quantum metrology
M. Chwalla, C.F Roos, K. Kim, M. Riebe, R. Blatt

P22.    Electrical coupling of ion traps for quantum computing
Tony Lee, Hartmut Häffner, Rainer Blatt

P23.    Towards a single-ion laser
C. Russo, T. Salzburger, E.S. Phillips, H.G. Barros, T. Monz, A. Stute, H. Ritsch, C. Becher, P.O. Schmidt, R. Blatt

P24.    Characterising and manipulating the motion of a single ion in a Paul trap
D. Rotter, F. Dubin, M. Mukherjee, J. Eschner, R. Blatt

P25.    Electronic feedback cooling of a single ion’s motion
P. Bushev, D. Rotter, F. Dubin, C. Becher, J. Eschner, R. Blatt

P26.    Towards probabilistic entanglement of distant atoms
M. Almendros, A. Haase, M. Hennrich, N. Piro, F. Rohde, C. Schuck, J. Eschner

P27.    Three-photon resonance with trapped ions
C. Champenois, G. Morigi, J. Eschner

P28.    EPR-entangled light from a single cold atom
Giovanna Morigi, David Vitali, Stefano Mancini, Jürgen Eschner

P29.    Cooling trapped atoms in optical resonators
S. Zippilli, G. Morigi

P30.    Barium Ion Trap Cavity QED
P.F. Griffin, A.V. Steele, L.R. Churchill, M.S. Chapman

P31.    Two-Dimensional transport of atomic ions in a T-junction trap array
W.K. Hensinger, S. Olmschenk, D. Stick, D. Hucul, M. Yeo, L. Deslauriers, C. Monroe, J. Rabchuk

P32.    Scaling and suppression of motional anomalous heating in an adjustable ion trap
W.K. Hensinger, L. Deslauriers, S. Olmschenk, D. Stick, J. Sterk, C. Monroe

P33.    Miniature Ion-Trap Cavity System as an Atom-Photon Interface
M. Keller, W. Lange, B. Lange, K. Hayasaka, H. Walther

P34.    Quantum information processing with trapped ions at NIST
D. Leibfried, J.J. Bollinger, J. Britton, B. Blakestad, J. Chiaverini, R. Epstein, J.D. Jost, E. Knill, C. Langer, R. Ozeri, R. Reichle, S. Seidelin, N. Shiga, J. Wesenberg, and D.J. Wineland

P35.    Zero-point cooling and heating rate measurements of a single 88Sr+ ion
V. Letchumanan, G. Wilpers, M. Brownnutt, P. Gill, A. G. Sinclair

P36.    Zeno–anti-Zeno crossover in quantum Brownian motion
S. Maniscalco, J. Piilo, K.-A. Suominen

P37.    Multi-quantum eigenstates of a linear chain of qubits
C. J. Mewton, Z. Ficek

P38.    Three cold trapped ions in a cavity field
S. Shelly Sharma, Eduardo de Almeida, N. K. Sharma

P39.    Quasiclassical Dynamics of a Single Ion Confined in a Nonlinear Electromagnetic Trap
Bogdan M. Mihalcea, Viorica N. Gheorghe, A. Gheorghe

P40.    On the stimulated formation of ultracold ground state molecular ions: NaCa+
P. Pellegrini, H. Michels, R. Côté, W.W. Smith

P41.    MD simulations of the rf heating rates in translationally uniform ion clouds stored in a linear quadrupole rf ion trap
V.L. Ryjkov, X.Z. Zhao, H. Schuessler

P42.    Fluorescence profiles and cooling dynamics of laser-cooled Mg+ ions in a linear rf ion trap
X.Z. Zhao, V.L. Ryjkov, H. Schuessler

P43.    Miniaturized hexapolar Paul trap setup
O.S. Stoican, B.M. Mihalcea, L.C. Giurgiu, I.N. Mihailescu

P44.    Towards a continuous source of Bose-Einstein condensate
Z. Wang, T. Lahaye, G. Reinaudi, A. Couvert, J. Dalibard, D. Guéry-Odelin

P45.    Composite rotations applied to trapped ions
N. Timoney, V. Elman, C. Weiss, W. Neuhauser, Chr. Wunderlich

P46.    Random-Field Induced Order in Continuous Symmetry Spin Systems
J. Wehr, A. Niederberger, L. Sanchez-Palencia, K. Sacha, M. Lewenstein

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