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Poster session A

Monday, July 17, 16:15-18:00

  1. Lamb Shift in Muonic Hydrogen I: Overview
    A. Antognini, F.D. Amaro, F. Biraben, J.M.R Cardoso, C.A.N. Conde, A. Dax, A. Giesen, T.W. Hänsch, O. Huot, P. Indelicato, L. Julien, P.E. Knowles, F. Kottmann, E. Le Bigot, Y.-W. Liu, J.A.M. Lopes, L. Ludhova, C.M.B. Monteiro, F. Mulhauser, T. Nebel, F. Nez, R. Pohl, P. Rabinowitz, J.M.F. dos Santos, L.A. Schaller, K. Schuhmann, C. Schwob, D. Taqqu, J.F.C.A. Veloso
  2. Lamb Shift in Muonic Hydrogen II: Results from 2003 and Improvements for 2007
    A. Antognini, F.D. Amaro, F. Biraben, J.M.R Cardoso, C.A.N. Conde, A. Dax, A. Giesen, T.W. Hänsch, O. Huot, P. Indelicato, L. Julien, P.E. Knowles, F. Kottmann, E. Le Bigot, Y.-W. Liu, J.A.M. Lopes, L. Ludhova, C.M.B. Monteiro, F. Mulhauser, T. Nebel, F. Nez, R. Pohl, P. Rabinowitz, J.M.F. dos Santos, L.A. Schaller, K. Schuhmann, C. Schwob, D. Taqqu, J.F.C.A. Veloso
  3. QED theory of laser-atom and laser-nucleus interaction and atomic dynamics with non-rectangular laser pulses
    Alexander V. Glushkov
  4. Spectroscopy of heavy multi-charged ions and exotic atomic systems: Quantum mechanical perturbation theory approach
    Alexander V. Glushkov, Ol'ga Y. Khetselius, Denis I. Sukharev, Larisa A. Vitavetskaya
  5. Energy approach to QED theory of calculation of positron impact ionization of multielectron atoms
    Svetlana V. Malinovskaya, Alexander V. Glushkov, Yuliya V. Dubrovskaya, Elena P. Gurnitskaya
  6. New laser (graser) -electron nuclear effects in atoms, multiatomic systems and cold molecules
    Svetlana V. Malinovskaya
  7. The atomic parity violation effect: Consistent quantum calculation
    Svetlana V. Malinovskaya
  8. Laser ionization spectroscopy for detecting single atoms and products of nuclear reactions
    Nataliya S. Loboda, Alexander V. Glushkov, Andrey V. Loboda, Valentina N. Polischuk
  9. Relativistic many-body calculations of the Stark-induced amplitude of the 6P1/2 -7P1/2 transition in thallium
    M.S. Safronova, W.R. Johnson, U.I. Safronova, T.E. Cowan
  10. Complete treatment of the non-linear terms in the single-double all-order method
    Rupsi Chandra, M.S. Safronova, W.R. Johnson, Andrei Derevianko, Sergey G. Porsev
  11. Theory of Isotope Shifts and the Measurement of Halo Nuclei
    G.W.F. Drake, and Zong-Chao Yan
  12. Singly-excited and doubly-excited D-states of plasma-embedded He atoms
    Y. K. Ho, Sabyasachi Kar
  13. Simulation of the Hyperfine Structure of Spectral Lines
    A. Buczek, E. Stachowska, G. Szawiola, W. Koczorowski, A. Walaszyk
  14. Benchmark noble gas collision cross section measurements with the 3P2 metastable state of neon
    K. Matherson, R. Glover, D. Laban, R.T. Sang
  15. Ultracold atom-ion collisions
    A. Simoni, Z. Idziaszek, T. Calarco, G. Pupillo
  16. Interaction of metastable neon atoms in magnetic and optical traps
    N. Herschbach, W.J. van Drunen, P. Spoden, W. Ertmer, G. Birkl
  17. Multi-Channel Collisions of Metastable Calcium
    D. Hansen, A. Hemmerich
  18. Control of Ultracold Collisions with Frequency-Chirped Light*
    M.J. Wright, J. Pechkis, J. Carini, P.L. Gould
  19. State-resolved quantum dynamics of low-energy negative ion reactions
    J. Mikosch, S. Trippel, R. Otto, R. Berhane, C. Eichhorn, M. Weidemüller, R. Wester
  20. Development of a Tunable Mid-IR Difference Frequency Generation Source for Precision Molecular Spectroscopy
    Kuo-Yu Wu, Chun-Chieh Liao, Yu-Hung Lien, Jow-Tsong Shy
  21. Determination of lifetimes of excited molecular states using the Autler-Townes effect
    A. Ekers, T. Kirova, K. Miculis, K. Blushs, M. Auzinsh, N.N. Bezuglov, R. Garcia-Fernandez, K. Bergmann, L.P. Yatsenko, O. Dulieu, M. Aymar
  22. Determination of branching ratios of excited molecular states using the Autler-Townes effect
    K. Miculis, T. Kirova, A. Ekers, N.N. Bezuglov, R. Garcia-Fernandez, K. Bergmann, O. Dulieu, M. Aymar
  23. Line shape study of water vapour overtone transitions using a diode laser spectrometer
    Amitava Bandyopadhyay, Biswajit Ray, Pradip N. Ghosh
  24. Observation of Saturation Spectrum of the 1530 nm Transitions of 12C2H2 Using a White Cell
    Y. H. Lien, C. Y. Yeh, W. C. Gao, J. T. Shy
  25. Exploring the Limit of Spin-Statistics Connection in CO2
    Y. H. Lien, Y. L. Hsu, Y. R. Lin, G. Y. Wu, C. C. Liao, J. T. Shy
  26. Theoretical study of dissociative recombination of tri-atomic molecular ions
    V. Kokoouline, I.A. Mikhailov, A. Larson, S. Tonzani, C.H. Greene
  27. Pulsed magnetic focusing of launched cold atoms
    I. G. Hughes, A. S. Arnold, M. J. Pritchard, D. A. Smith
  28. High flux source of cold rubidium atoms
    C. Slowe, L. Vernac, D. Kaz, L.V. Hau
  29. Towards a continuous source of Bose-Einstein condensate
    Z. Wang, T. Lahaye, G. Reinaudi, A. Couvert, J. Dalibard, D. Guéry-Odelin
  30. Observation of Single Atoms in Quantum Degenerate Gases
    T. Bourdel, A. Öttl, S. Ritter, T. Donner, F. Brennecke, M.K. Köhl, T. Esslinger
  31. Formation of long-range order during Bose-Einstein condensation
    T. Donner, A. Öttl, S. Ritter, F. Brennecke, T. Bourdel, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger
  32. Bose-Einstein condensates in rotating lattices: vortex pinning and Josephson junction arrays
    V. Schweikhard, S. Tung, E.A. Cornell
  33. Observations of Density Fluctuations in an Elongated Bose Gas
    J.-B. Trebbia, J. Esteve, A. Aspect, C.W. Westbrook, I. Bouchoule
  34. Interplay of Density & Phase Fluctuations in Quasi-1D Bose Gases
    N.P. Proukakis
  35. Quasi-condensate Growth on an Atom Chip
    N.P. Proukakis, J. Schmiedmayer, H.T.C. Stoof
  36. Focusing Bose-Einstein condensates by Fresnel zone plates
    T.E. Judd, R.G. Scott, A.M. Martin, T.M. Fromhold
  37. Classical and quantum reflection of Bose-Einstein condensates from arrays of current carrying wires
    T.E. Judd, R.G. Scott, A.M. Martin, T.M. Fromhold
  38. Dynamical Instability of a Rotating Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate
    A.M. Martin, R.M.W. van Bijnen, D.H.J. O'Dell, N.G. Parker
  39. Instabilities leading to vortex lattice formation in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
    N.G. Parker, R.M.W. van Bijnen, A.M. Martin
  40. Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless crossover in a trapped atomic gas
    M. Cheneau, Z. Hadzibabic, P. Krüger, B. Battelier, J. Dalibard
  41. Rotating a Bose-Einstein condensate using photons with orbital angular momentum
    M.F. Andersen, C. Ryu, P. Cladé, V. Natarajan, K. Helmerson, W.D. Phillips
  42. Exploring pair correlations in atomic condensates with photoassociation lasers
    J. Mur-Petit, P. Naidon, E. Luc-Koenig, F. Masnou-Seeuws
  43. Revision of the Cs2 0g- potential curve from photoassociation spectroscopy
    N. Bouloufa, A. Crubellier, O. Dulieu
  44. Observation of beyond mean field effects in a Bose gas
    J. Esteve, J.-B. Trebbia, I. Bouchoule, C.W. Westbrook, A. Aspect, R. Gati, B. Hemmerling, T.B. Ottenstein, A. Weller, J. Appmeier, M.K. Oberthaler
  45. Interference and Coherence in 1-d Bose-Einstein-Condensates
    S. Hofferberth, B. Fischer, I. Lesonovsky, J. Verdu, J. Schmiedmayer
  46. Formation of bright matter-wave solitons during the collapse of attractive Bose-Einstein condensates
    S.L. Cornish, S.T. Thompson, C.E. Wieman
  47. Analysis of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Phase for Trapped Bose Gases
    M.J. Davis, C.J. Foster, T. Simula, P.B. Blakie
  48. Quantum Kinetic Theory for Quasi-Condensates and CW Atom Lasers
    M.J. Davis, J.J. Hope
  49. Quantum fluctuations in the dynamical formation of BEC
    T.V. Vaughan, J.F. Corney, P.D. Drummond
  50. Thermodynamic properties and thermometry of 1D Bose gases
    K. V. Kheruntsyan, H. Hu, P. D. Drummond
  51. Measurement of the relative strength of the dipole-dipole interaction in a Bose-Einstein condensate
    A. Griesmaier, J. Stuhler, T. Koch, M. Fattori, S. Giovanazzi, T. Pfau, initials name, initials name
  52. Rydberg excitation of a Bose-Einstein Condensate
    R. Heidemann, V. Bendkowsky, R. Löw, U. Raitzsch, E. Kuhnle, J. Stuhler, L. Santos, T. Pfau
  53. Spinor BECs made of high spin atoms
    L. Santos, T. Pfau
  54. Spontaneous spin texture in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
    Y. Kawaguchi, H. Saito, M. Ueda
  55. Coherent Spinor Dynamics of All-Optical, Spin-1 Bose Condensates
    P.F. Griffin, E.M. Bookjans, Q. Qin, M.-S. Chang, M.S. Chapman
  56. Producing time-averaged arbitrary landscape potentials to manipulate BECs
    S. R. Muniz, C. Raman
  57. Using Bragg scattering to probe rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
    S. R. Muniz, D. S. Naik, C. Raman
  58. Magic wavelengths for the ns-np transitions in alkali-metal atoms
    Bindiya Arora, M.S. Safronova, Charles W. Clark
  59. Diffraction-contrast imaging of excited-state cold atoms
    S.C. Bell, D. Sheludko, R.E. Scholten
  60. Empirical Estimate of the Excited Fraction in a Magneto-Optical Trap
    M.H. Shah, M.L. Trachy, G. Veshapidze, B.D. DePaola
  61. Efficient STIRAP Rydberg Excitation of He*
    S-H. Lee, A. Vernaleken, K. Choi, J. Kaufman, O. Kritsun, H. Metcalf
  62. Demagnetization cooling of a gas - experimental demonstration
    M. Fattori, T. Koch, S. Götz, A. Griesmaier, J. Stuhler, T. Pfau
  63. The non-relativistic Uehling correction for Rydberg states in muonic and exotic atoms
    S. G. Karshenboim, E. Yu. Korzinin, V. G. Ivanov
  64. Theory of Radiative-Stark Mixing at Ultra-Cold Energies*
    M. R. Flannery, G. S. Balaraman
  65. Control of diabatic vs. adiabatic field dissociation in a heavy Rydberg system
    R.C Shiell, E. Reinhold, F. Magnus, W. Ubachs
  66. Observation of sub-Doppler Temperatures in Bosonic Magnesium
    K. Moldenhauer, J. Friebe, T.E. Mehlstäubler, N. Rehbein, M. Riedmann, E.M. Rasel, W. Ertmer
  67. Quantum dynamics of an interacting mesoscopic cold Rydberg gas
    M. Reetz-Lamour, T. Amthor, J. Denskat, M. Weidemüller
  68. Emergence of 3D character in stationary and collisional properties of matter-wave solitons
    L. Khaykovich, B.A. Malomed
  69. A Scanning Electron Microscope for Ultracold Atoms
    T. Gericke, C. Utfeld, N. Hommerstad, H. Ott
  70. Electric Quadrupole Transitions and Anomalous Fine Structure Ratios in Rydberg 85Rb
    P.L. Gould, D. Tong, S.M. Farooqi, E.G.M. van Kempen, E.E. Eyler
  71. A Triple MOT for Lithium, Potassium and Strontium - Design and First Results
    E. Wille, F. Spiegelhalder, G. Kerner, A. Trenkwalder, C. Aiello, G. Hendl, F. Schreck, R. Grimm
  72. Simultaneous Trapping of Lithium, Potassium and Strontium - Multi-Species Oven and Resonator Enhanced Optical Dipole Trap
    A. Trenkwalder, G. Kerner, E. Wille, F. Spiegelhalder, C. Aiello, G. Hendl, F. Schreck, R. Grimm
  73. Study of Critical Phenomena in Parametrically Driven Magneto-optical Trap
    M.-S. Heo, K. Lee, C. Ryoo, Y. Kim, D. Yum, K. Kim, H.-R. Noh, W. Jhe
  74. Using Cold Atoms to investigate Charge Transfer processes
    S. Knoop, V. G. Hasan, R. Morgenstern, R. Hoekstra
  75. Quantum Scattering of Distinguishable Bosons using an Ultracold Atom Collider
    A. S. Mellish, N. Kjæ rgaard, P. S. Julienne, S. Wildermuth, I. B. Kinski, A. Rakonjac, A. J. Barker, A. C. Wilson
  76. Calculation of g2 for a Finite Temperature Gas
    A. Bezett, E. Toth, P. B. Blakie
  77. Bogoliubov theory of feedback of a trapped weakly interacting atomic gas
    S. Wallentowitz, D. Ivanov
  78. A Test of Quantum Electrodynamics at High Fields
    D.F.A. Winters, M. Vogel, R Castrejon-Pita, D.M. Segal, R.C. Thompson
  79. Novel Penning Ion Trap Designs
    R Castrejon-Pita, H. Ohadi, D. Crick, D.F.A. Winters, R.C. Thompson, D.M. Segal
  80. Micro-chip ion traps for scalable ion quantum processing
    W.K. Hensinger, D. Stick, S. Olmschenk, J. Sterk, M.J. Madsen, K. Schwab, C. Monroe
  81. Scaling and suppression of motional anomalous heating in an adjustable ion trap
    W.K. Hensinger, L. Deslauriers, S. Olmschenk, D. Stick, J. Sterk, C. Monroe
  82. Monolithic ion-traps micro-fabricated from planar silica-on-silicon technology
    M. Brownnutt, G. Wilpers, P. Gill, R. C. Thompson, A. G. Sinclair
  83. Prospect of all-light atom chips based on copropagating laser beams
    Yuri B. Ovchinnikov
  84. Segmented traps for Calcium ions
    F. Splatt, M. Harlander, W. Hänsel, R. Blatt
  85. Novel surfaces for Atom Chips.
    Tal David, Ran Salem, Shimi Machluf, Plamen Petrov, Eyal Fleminger, Yonathan Japha, Valery Dikovsky, David Groswasser, Mark Keil, Ron Folman
  86. High-Q Photonic Device for Trapping and Detecting a Single Atom on a Chip.
    Michael Rosenblit, Yonathan Japha, Peter Horak, Ron Folman
  87. Novel Interferometry for Atom Chips.
    Daniel Rohrlich, Yakov Neiman, Ofir Arzouan, Yonathan Japha, Ron Folman
  88. Matterwave Interferometry on an Integrated Micro Chip
    A. Günther, S. Kraft, A. Stibor, C. Zimmermann, J. Fortágh
  89. AC Trapping of Rubidium Atoms
    S. Schlunk, A. Marian, A. P. Mosk, P. Geng, W. Schöllkopf, G. Meijer
  90. Atom chips based on permanent magnetic material
    R. Gerritsma, T. Fernholz, I. Barb, R. J. C. Spreeuw
  91. Dynamically controlled, toroidal and ring-shaped magnetic traps
    T. Fernholz, R. Gerritsma, P. Krüger, R. J. C. Spreeuw
  92. Bose gas in a box on a chip
    J.J.P. van Es, A.H. van Amerongen, N.J. van Druten
  93. Atom Femto Trap
    V. I. Balykin
  94. 3D-vortex labyrinths in the near field of solid-state microchip laser
    A.Yu. Okulov
  95. Amplification and Front Facet Reflectivity of Broad Area Lasers
    A. Keshet, P. Eugster, P. Bloudoff, K. Madison, B. Klappauf
  96. Trapping and cooling molecules with evanescent-wave mirrors
    R. Côté, S. Kallush
  97. Spatial and noisy geometric phase in neutron optics
    S. Filipp, Y. Hasegawa, R. Loidl, H. Rauch
  98. Rapid control and measurement of clock-state qubits in Yb and Sr for quantum information processing
    R. Stock, N. S. Babcock, A. M. Dudarev, M. G. Raizen, B. C. Sanders
  99. Exploring entanglement with single-neutrons
    Y. Hasegawa, R. Loidl, G. Badurek, S. Filipp, K. Klepp, H. Rauch
  100. Entanglement driven self-organization via a quantum seesaw mechanism
    C. Maschler, H. Ritsch, A. Vukics, P. Domokos
  101. Quantum Computing with Macroscopic Quantum Jumps
    J. Metz, M. Trupke, C. Schön, A. Beige
  102. Quantum interference enforced by time-energy complementarity
    Martin Kiffner, Jörg Evers, Christoph H. Keitel
  103. Disentanglement in collective coherent population trapping
    M. Macovei, Z. Ficek, C. H. Keitel
  104. Towards probabilistic entanglement of distant atoms
    M. Almendros, A. Haase, M. Hennrich, N. Piro, F. Rohde, C. Schuck, J. Eschner
  105. Entangling Distant Trapped Ions Via an Atomic Channel
    F. L. Semião, R. J. Missori, K. Furuya
  106. Entanglement pattern between distant atoms
    Sonny Natali, Zbigniew Ficek
  107. Quantifying the mesoscopic environment of a single electron spin quantum bit
    L. Childress, G. Dutt, J.M. Taylor, P.R. Hemmer, F. Jelezko, M.D. Lukin
  108. Probabilistic Quantum State Sharing
    Goren Gordon, Gustavo Rigolin
  109. Optimum Number of Quantum Interrogation in Realistic Interaction-Free Measurements with the Quantum Zeno Effect
    Y. S. Kim, H. Yang, S. J. Kang, M.-Y. Choi
  110. Quantum estimation of damping
    H. Venzl, M. Freyberger
  111. Entanglement Swapping via Superradiance
    Yueh-Nan Chen, Der-San Chuu, Tobias Brandes
  112. Atom Entanglement by Kapitza-Dirac Superradiance
    K.M.R. van der Stam, R. Meppelink, J.M. Vogels, P. van der Straten
  113. Towards Photonic Quantum Memory based on Reversible Absorption
    Matthias U. Staudt, Sara R. Hastings-Simon, Mikael Afzelius, Wolfgang Tittel, Nicolas Gisin
  114. Heralded Entanglement and Efficient Retrieval of Excitation Stored in Atomic Ensembles
    C. W. Chou, H. de Riedmatten, D. Felinto, J. Laurat, E. W. Schomburg, S. V. Polyakov, S. J. van Enk, H. J. Kimble
  115. Entanglement of Orbital Angular Momentum States between an Ensemble of Cold Atoms and a Photon
    R. Inoue, N. Kanai, T. Yonehara, Y. Miyamoto, M. Koashi, M. Kozuma
  116. Universal quantum computation in deocoherence-free subspace with neutral atoms
    P. Xue, Y.F. Xiao
  117. Low-Light-Level Cross-Phase Modulation Based on Stored Light Pulses
    Yong-Fan Chen, Chang-Yi Wang, Shih-Hao Wang, Ite A. Yu
  118. Sudden-Switch Approach to Light Storage
    A. Lezama, A.M. Akulshin, A.I. Sidorov, P. Hannaford
  119. Quantum Memories for Broadband Photons
    K. Surmacz, J. Nunn, F.C. Waldermann, Z. Wang, I.A. Walmsley, D. Jaksch
  120. Hong-Ou-Mandel-like Interference with Stored Light
    A. Raczy\'nski, J. Zaremba, S. Zieli\'nska-Kaniasty
  121. Optimal Storage of Photon States in Optically Dense Atomic Media
    A.V. Gorshkov, A. André, M. Fleischhauer, A.S. Sørensen, M.D. Lukin
  122. Generation, Storage, and Retrieval of Single-Photon Pulses using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
    M.D. Eisaman, P. Walther, A. André, F. Massou, M. Fleischhauer, A.S. Zibrov, M.D. Lukin
  123. Quantum memory for non-stationary light fields based on controlled reversible inhomogeneous broadening
    B. Kraus, W. Tittel, N. Gisin, M. Nilsson, S. Kröll, J. I. Cirac
  124. Quantum teleportation between two mesoscopic objects: a photonic pulse and an atomic ensemble
    K. Hammerer, M. Wolf, J.I. Cirac, J. Sherson, H. Krauter, R.K. Olsson, B. Julsgaard, E.S. Polzik
  125. Molecular ensembles: quantum memory and optical interface for solid state qubits
    P. Rabl, D. DeMille, J.M. Doyle, M.D. Lukin, R.J. Schoelkopf, P. Zoller
  126. Shape the laser cooling through EIT
    G. Morigi, E. Arimondo
  127. Phase dependent atomic systems
    S. Franke-Arnold, S. Kajari-Schröder, G.-L. Oppo, G. Morigi
  128. Efficient quantum memory and entanglement between light and an atomic ensemble using magnetic fields
    Christine A. Muschik, Klemens Hammerer, Eugene S. Polzik, J. Ignacio Cirac
  129. Three-dimensional description of dispersive interactions between light and matter
    M.W. Sorensen, A.S. Sorensen
  130. Giant Kerr Nonlinearities Obtained by Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Electromagnetically Induced Absorption
    L. Spani Molella, G. Kühn, R.-H. Rinkleff, K. Danzmann
  131. Ultraslow propagation of squeezed vacuum with Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
    D. Akamatsu, Y. Yokoi, A. Furusawa, M. Kozuma
  132. Stern-Gerlach experiment for slow light
    Leon Karpa, Martin Weitz
  133. Writing and retrieval of light pulses using a fast light atomic medium
    A. Akulshin, A. Lezama, A.I. Sidorov, R.J. McLean, P. Hannaford
  134. Electromagnetically Induced Transparency: Applications to Quantum Information Processing and Creation of Spin Currents
    Xiong-Jun Liu, Xin Liu, L. C. Kwek, C. H. Oh
  135. A storable Single-Photon source with Cold Atoms as Quantum Memory
    Shuai Chen, Thorsten Strassel, Yu-Ao Chen, Zhen-Sheng Yuan, Jörg Schmiedmayer, Jian-Wei Pan
  136. Pulsed EIT/Raman optical lattice clock based on Ramsey phase spectroscopy
    T. Zanon-Willette, E. Arimondo, A.D. Ludlow, M.M. Boyd, S. Blatt, T. Zelevinsky, T. Ido, Jun Ye
  137. Pulsed interaction for CPT cesium clock
    S. Guerandel, T. Zanon, F. Dahes, N. Castagna, E. de Clercq, A. Clairon, N. Dimarcq
  138. Dispersive Probing of Rabi Oscillations on the Cesium Clock Transition
    N. Kjærgaard, P. Windpassinger, D. Oblak, M. Kubasik, M. Saffman, E. Polzik
  139. Stark Effect of the Cesium Ground State: Tensor Polarizability and Clock Shift
    A. Weis, S. Ulzega, A. Hofer, P. Moroshkin
  140. Experimental frequency standard NPL-CSF2
    W. Chalupczak, K. Szymaniec, Y. Ovchinnikov, G. Marra
  141. Atomic Clock based on a Free Expanding Cloud of Cold Atoms: Comparison with a beam clock
    S. T. Müller, A. Bebeachibuli, R. F. Alves, T. A. Ortega, D. V. Magalhães, V. S. Bagnato
  142. From isotropic capture to sub-Doppler cooling by disorder in a compact cold atom clock
    S. Trémine, F.X. Esnault, S. Perrin, S. Guérandel, D. Holleville, N. Dimarcq, A. Clairon
  143. Ultra-Stable Compact Optical Atomic Clock
    Y. Le Coq, C. Oates, L. Hollberg
  144. An optical lattice clock based on neutral 174Yb
    C.W. Hoyt, Z.W. Barber, C.W. Oates, L. Hollberg
  145. Towards an optical clock with neutral Yb
    F. Baumer, U. Bressel, S. Kroboth, N. Nemitz, A. Nevsky, S. Schiller, A. Görlitz
  146. Ultracold Strontium Optical Atomic Clock
    A.D. Ludlow, M.M. Boyd, T. Zelevinsky, S.M. Foreman, S. Blatt, T. Ido, J. Ye
  147. Studies of Magnesium atoms for atomic clock purposes
    K.T. Therkildsen, N. Malossi, E.D. Van Ooijen, S. Damkjær, B. Bak, L. Kindt, J. Hald, J.W. Thomsen
  148. High resolution pulsed dark atomic resonance method for excited states based on NMR matrix formalism
    T. Zanon-Willette, E. De Clerq, S. Guerandel
  149. The 171Yb+ single-ion optical frequency standard at 688 THz
    E. Peik, B. Lipphardt, H. Schnatz, T. Schneider, Chr. Tamm, S. Weyers, R. Wynands
  150. A single trapped Ca+ ion for optical frequency metrology
    C. Champenois, C. Zumsteg, G. Hagel, M. Houssin, D. Guyomarc'h, M. Vedel, M. Knoop, F. Vedel
  151. A clock laser for the optical frequency standard of Ca+ ion
    Ying Li, Hiroyuki Ito, Kensuke Matsubara, Masatoshi Kajita, Mizuhiko Hosokawa
  152. Polarizability measurements with molecular matter waves
    A. Stefanov, M. Berninger, S. Deachapunya, M. Arndt
  153. Beam techniques for carbon nanotubes
    H. Ulbricht, N. Gotsche, M. Berninger, L. Hackermüller, M. Arndt
  154. An interferometer design for highly polarizable molecules
    L. Hackermueller, S. Gerlich, H. Ulbricht, F. Goldfarb, A. Stibor, M. Arndt
  155. Construction of a high sensitive deflectometer for polarizability measurements
    M. Berninger, A. Stefanov, M. Arndt
  156. Visible-scale Fringes from Atom Interferometry in a Rubidium Vapour Cell
    S. Patel, M. Himsworth, J. Bateman, T. Freegarde
  157. Measurement of the electric polarizability of lithium by atom interferometry
    M. Jacquey, A. Miffre, M. Büchner, G. Trénec, J. Vigué
  158. Experimental study of the fringe visibility in a lithium atom interferometer
    M. Jacquey, A. Miffre, M. Büchner, G. Trénec, J. Vigué
  159. Measurement of Röntogen Phase with Ramsey-Bordé Atom Interferometry: Proposal
    K. Honda, J. Itimura, N. Sone, A. Morinaga
  160. A cold atom interferometer for inertial forces measurement
    B. Canuel, A. Gauguet, D. Holleville, N. Dimarcq, A. Clairon, A. Landragin
  161. Heisenberg limited atom interferometry via a two-component Mott insulating to superfluid transition
    M. Rodríguez, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch
  162. Towards Cold-Matter-Wave Sagnac Interferometer: Realization of a Cold Atom Interferometer
    J. Wang, P. Wang, R.B. Li, H. Yan, M.S. Zhan
  163. Atom interferometry gravity-gradiometer for the determination of Newtonian gravitational constant G
    G. Lamporesi, A. Bertoldi, L. Cacciapuoti, M. de Angelis, M. Fattori, T. Petelski, A. Peters, M. Prevedelli, J. Stuhler, G.M. Tino
  164. A measurement of the h/MRb and a determination of the fine structure constante
    M. Cadoret, E. de Mirandes, P. Cladé, C. Schwob, F. Nez, L. Julien, F. Biraben, S. Guellati-Khélifa
  165. A 87Rb cold atom gravimeter
    F. Pereira Dos Santos, J. Le Gouet, J. Kim, D. Holleville, A. Clairon, A. Landragin
  166. New Values for the Electron Magnetic Moment and Fine Structure Constant
    D. Hanneke, B. Odom, B. D'Urso, G. Gabrielse
  167. Observability of a Cosmologically Changing Light Speed
    Felix T. Smith
  168. Fundamental Mass Constants in a Universe with a Changing Light Speed
    Felix T. Smith
  169. A Search for Variation of the Fine-Structure Constant in Atomic Dysprosium
    A. Cingöz, A. Lappiere, N. Leefer, D. Budker, A.-T. Nguyen, S. Lamoreaux, J. Torgerson
  170. Electron Electric Dipole Measurement with Trapped Molecular Ions
    R.P. Stutz, A.E. Leanhardt, L.C. Sinclair, E.A. Cornell
  171. A four vapor cell search for a permanent EDM of 199Hg atoms
    W. C. Griffith, M. D. Swallows, M. V. Romalis, B. R. Heckel, E. N. Fortson
  172. CP-violating magnetic moments of atoms and molecules
    Andrei Derevianko, M. G. Kozlov
  173. Measuring the electron's electric dipole moment with heavy polar molecules
    J.J. Hudson, H. Ashworth, M.R. Tarbutt, B.E. Sauer, E.A. Hinds
  174. State Specified Protonium Formation in Antiproton Hydrogen Collisions
    X. M. Tong, K. Hino, N. Toshima
  175. Gravitational states of antihydrogen atoms bouncing on the solid surface
    P. Froelich, A. Voronin
  176. Strong nuclear force in atom-antiatom scattering
    S. Jonsell
  177. Testing Matter/Antimatter Symmetry with Antiprotonic Atoms and Antihydrogen
    E. Widmann

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