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Recent Highlights

[2013-09-16] A team of scientists in Innsbruck, Austria, made an important step toward distributed quantum computing with cavities linking remote atom-based registers. They demonstrated precise control of the coupling of each of two trapped ions to the mode of an optical resonator. [more...]   Image: T. Northup

[2013-08-05] For quantum physicists, entangling quantum systems is one of their every day tools. Entanglement is a key resource for upcoming quantum computers and simulators. Now, physicists in Innsbruck and Geneva realized a new, reliable method to verify entanglement in the laboratory using a minimal number of assumptions about the system and measuring devices. Hence, this method witnesses the presence of useful entanglement. Their findings on this 'verification without knowledge' have been published in Nature Physics. [more...]   Image: Uni Innsbruck / Ritsch

[2013-07-07] In a new take on quantum logic spectroscopy, we investigate a sensitive spectroscopy method employing a Schrödinger cat state of motion. With high sensitivity even at the single photon level the new technique extends the range of transitions that can be investigated in the spectroscopy of atomic and molecular ions. The results of our work are published in the journal Nature Photonics. [more...]   Image: IQOQI/Knabl

[2013-05-20] Innsbruck physicists led by Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller experimentally gained a deep insight into the nature of quantum mechanical phase transitions. They are the first scientists that simulated the competition between two rival dynamical processes at a novel type of transition between two quantum mechanical orders. They have published the results of their work in the journal Nature Physics. [more...]    Image: IQOQI/Ritsch


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